Normally in August, I’m excited for Fall, the upcoming school year, and setting up my new planner. However, this pandemic year, our lives are topsy turvy, but at least I can keep the tradition of setting up of my new planner. I’ve been using the Blessed Is She planner since Day 1 when it first arrived. Years later, I’m still a fan, so much so, that I purchased both sizes because I’ve been known to change sizes during the year.

    Originally, I planned to use the mini-sized version because I liked the portability of it. It’s the perfect size to throw in my tote bag and bring to appointments and meetings while my kids are at school. We were set to return to in-person learning, but at the last minute our state/county’s Covid numbers rose and distance learning was mandated for all schools until our numbers drop back down.

    So I set aside the mini and am using the regular sized planner because it was a life saver during last year’s distance learning, but more of that later. First, I’ll show you the basics.



    Although I don’t always have time to decorate my planner, it’s fun to start off with a stack of stickers and washi tape to get me motivated. I always decorate the inside cover with my lovelies because they are my inspiration to try and bring some order and harmony to our busy family life.

    For my calendar, I like to color code my items. I have five goal categories so I use five basic colors to correspond.

    Red (Daughter of God) is for spiritual activities such as Holy Hour, Confession, special Masses, Retreats, etc. Orange (Wife) are things like date nights. Green (Mom) are school events, violin classes, after school practice, play dates (remember when we used to have those??) etc. Blue is a combo of Homemaker and extended family – work on house projects, shopping/errand days, or activities with extended family members. Purple (Woman) is for me – work outside the home, girls night out, self- care, etc and for BIS (火箭加速器app安卓版下载) activities with other women.

    There is a small key on the bottom of my calendar page. It may seem complicated, but I’ve been using the color code so long that it is now natural to me.

    The weekly overview.

    Here I have the week’s grocery items (to add to my master shopping list), meal plans, prayer intentions, and the week’s To Do’s. If I already know which day an item needs to be done, I’ll add the day of the week so it can be assigned to that day.

    I divided the weekly notes page into three sections – brain dump, school info, and general notes. For the brain dump, I basically jot down all the things I need to work on at some point. If it is a definite item I have to do that week I write it in the “To Do” section. If it is more random or I need to get more info on it, it goes in the brain dump. Even if I don’t need to work on it that week, I need to write it down or I’ll forget. Since I sometimes need to reference these notes at a later date, I made it easier to find them by keeping track of where I wrote them.

    In the larger note section in the back of the planner I assigned one page to be my Reference page. When I take notes on the weekly page that I will need to reference later, I add it to this page. It’s easier than thumbing through all the past pages trying to remember which week I had a conversation.

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    Weekly Schedule View

    The hourly schedule is normally where I keep track of where I need to go. However, now that I will be inside teaching kids and coordinating numerous Zoom classes, I’ll be using this section for that.

    Normally, I’d use the same color code as my monthly calendar, but since I have to track all the kids classes, I use a separate color code system for this page. Each kid has their own color, with aqua being family items, and red is the things I need to do.

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    Plus each month focuses on one of the names of God. For August it is God the Creator.

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    Each month starts with a journal page for prayer and reflection. The planner is more than an organizational tool, it’s also a source for spiritual growth to help us deepen our relationship with the Trinity. I can’t wait to dive in!


    * * * * *

    Your Questions Answered

    Whenever, I post photos of my planner of Instagram, I’ll often get the same questions. Here are the most common ones with my answers.

    I have the mini-sized planner. Any tips for using it?

    I love the mini! I haven’t set up the new one since I’m using the regular size for now. However, you can get tips from my previous post – How I Use My Blessed Is She 2018-2019 Mini Liturgical Planner. The planner looks a little different, but it has the same basic features.


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    When I write in my planner, I MUST be able to erase. I used to use pencil until I found these awesome erasable pens a few years ago –  Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen, 0.5mm, 10 Colors Set. I have been using them ever since. There are various sizes available on Amazon and I have seen single colors at Staples.

    (One note: It has been said that the ink of these pens disappear in extreme heat, but the ink will reappear if book is placed in the freezer. I have never had an issue, but I also don’t live in extreme heat.)


    Where do you get the book marks/ stickers/ washi in you planner?


    This is the 腾讯手机管家app下载_腾讯手机管家安卓版v8.5.0 - Win7旗舰版:2021-6-4 · 腾讯手机管家安卓版是一款功能强大的安全优化软件,让你的手机处在安全的网络环境中,抵抗外界的干扰,还能智能拦截骚扰电话,给你一个干净舒适的环境,更多功能尽在腾讯手机管家客户端。 that I use. It can be used full size with the regular planner. The end has to be cut off when used with the mini planner. They come in a pack of three, colored red, yellow, and aqua blue.

    The stickers I have on the bookmark are: Be Not Afraid sticker is from Santa Clara Design and the Shine and Sacred Heart are from the 手机加速器下载火箭版. (They “just” posted a new Immaculate Heart sticker that I’ll be ordering!)

    You can find other great Catholic stickers from Zelie and Lou, Someday Saints, Santa Clara Design, Catholic Paper Goods, WithJoyfulHeart, LeanneBowenFineArt, Little Way Design Co, Beloved and Blessed, and Handcrafted by Isabela. Have another favorite Catholic sticker shop? Let me know!

    I also attached a Tiny Saints Charm. I have many favorites so I’ll change them often.

    Washi tape can be found at most stores that carry stationary, including Target. I usually wait until Michael’s puts them on sale or clearance or use one of their weekly coupons. You can also order cute washi on Amazon.


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    I like to set aside a little quiet time on Sunday to plan my week. I’ll either go to my favorite spot on the couch or on our deck outside. I’ll review the upcoming week, plan my meals, brain dump all the info in my head and organize it. There have been weeks when I’ve been too busy (or too lazy) to plan the week, but I always regret it since I forget things or am running to the store multiple times for items I forgot to put on the grocery list. It always helps in the long run when I take a little time to get things in order.

    If I have time (and I’m in the mood) I’ll decorate my planner. If I don’t, I simply get the info down and don’t worry about it. The key is to use the planner. It can look like a work of art, but if it’s not being used and making my life easier, then what’s the point, right? Thankfully, this planner has been useful, uplifting, and fun!

    If you have the Blessed Is She planner, are you using the regular or mini? What’s your favorite feature?

    Happy planning!

    PS – You can follow RoL on Bloglovin, 免费翻国外墙的app or another news feed. If you are a social media fan like me, we can stay in touch through 火箭加速器 安卓 官网, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GoodReads, Letterboxd, or Spotify, 😉

    (NOTE: Revolution of Love is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I purchased these items on my own and am sharing my honest opinion about them.)


    A World Changed

    In spring of 2020, just about every parent with school aged children in the Covid-19 Universe, got a taste of home schooling. Granted, my home schooling friends have said that distance learning during a pandemic is not the same (and is harder than) “normal” homeschooling. Either way, our worlds have been turned upside down.

    Now that the school year is closing, many parents are considering their options for next year. With Covid-19, many public and private schools are changing the format of traditional schooling and distance learning will most likely be incorporated into the new school year. Due to this fact, some families are considering homeschooling their children next year. For others, like myself, some schools are closing for good. Our beloved 75-year old school, that has been our family for thirteen years, is another victim of Covid-19.

    A Catholic education is very importance to us and we’re doing all we can to ensure our kids have a solid Catholic foundation from PK-8th grade. We’ve applied to another local Catholic school, however, there are far more applicants than available spaces, so we need a backup plan. For us, that is homeschooling.

    Homeschooling Is an Old Friend

    I’m not a stranger to homeschooling. When I was a sophomore in high school my mom started to homeschool, and four of my eight brothers and sisters were entirely homeschooled. In my early 20’s my mom hired me to help her homeschool my younger siblings. Years later when I got married, Brian and I assumed we’d also homeschool, but after praying about it, we felt called to a traditional Catholic education. However, I’ve always been surrounded by family and friends who’ve homeschooled their children.

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    Homeschool Options

    When my mom started homeschooling decades ago, it was relatively new and there weren’t many options. Today it’s much more common (even more so post Covid-19) and there are numerous choices. The most common forms of homeschooling are as follows:

    An Accredited Homeschool Program/ PSP – These homeschool programs, also known as a PSP (private school satellite program) have prepared books, curriculum, and online support. This is a great option for newcomers. It can also be reassuring that you are part of an accredited school, which makes things like state legal issues, transcripts and high school credits easier.

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    Self-Designed Curriculum – This is a popular choice for parents who want the freedom to tailor their child’s education. There are many programs that offer guidance to setting up a curriculum and getting the online support they need. A parent that goes this route usually sets up their homeschool as a private school. This can be done relatively easily with the help of the 火箭加速器永久免费版 (Home School Legal Defense Association.) More on that below.

    Charter Schools/Private Tutors/ISP – Families that don’t join a PSP or set up their own private school, have the option to join a public school independent study program (ISP), hire a tutor, or join a public charter school program that caters to homeschoolers. This can vary state by state so it’s best to check out your state requirements with the HSLDA. For those in California, I found this site informative on the subject.  One mom explained to me, “We are enrolled in a charter school here in California, which means we get funding that covers most/all our non-religious materials as well as many classes. We also can purchase technology through them. I know charter schools aren’t for everyone, but we have had a wonderful experience with them.”

    Co-op – A co-op is a group of like-minded homeschoolers who get together, usually once or twice a week, for homeschooling support. This can be through classes (ie. math, writing, history, art, music, etc.) taught together – by another qualified parent or hired teacher. There can also be social activities such as park days, field trips, and religious celebrations. The social aspects and support are especially important to the students, as well as the parents. Many Catholic co-ops do a combination of both.

    Legal Help – The majority of the homeschoolers I talked to recommended becoming a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA.) The HSLDA helps parents navigate their state’s homeschool laws, complete homeschool paperwork, legal issues, as well as providing personalized advice from their team of educational consultants. (The link for California homeschooling laws is here.)


    These are the most popular accredited Catholic Homeschool Programs:

    Mother of Divine Grace School

    “Mother of Divine Grace School was founded in 1995 to provide parents with the information, resources, and support necessary to educate their children according to the classical tradition. Laura Berquist’s book, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, had aroused the interest of thousands and she responded to their requests by developing a distance education program and offering home schooling consulting services. As with her book, the emphasis of the study program and the consulting services is to help parents to teach their children the tools of learning. Located in Ojai, CA, Mother of Divine Grace School serves over 4,500 students.

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    • “MODG has developed a specific group of counselors for people considering homeschooling due to COVID. I just chatted with our consultant about it. They can work out what would need to happen to finish out a year and keep track of credits for middle-high school kids who want an accredited transcript for applying to colleges or transferring back into brick and mortar school when that’s possible. (This is the form.) – Kirby, MN
    • “I love MODG. It works well with my family!” – Mary, CA
    • “I’ve used Mother of Divine Grace as a guide. They have inexpensive syllabi and you can purchase the books to go along with it. I loved that they told you what to do every day, especially in the beginning. I really needed that.” – Amy, CA


    Seton Home Study Program

    “Seton is an accredited school assisting homeschooling parents by providing an academically excellent and authentically Catholic curriculum. Our entire staff here at Seton will assist you in customizing our curriculum to be the perfect fit for your child. The students and families enrolled with Seton have the unique opportunity to partake of the fullness of Catholic truth as they experience the beauty, freedom, and peace that comes from Catholic moral and academic formation in a family setting.

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    • “This is the program my mom used decades ago when homeschooling wasn’t as common as it is now. There was a lot of work and it was challenging, but the education you receive is excellent. The school was also exceptional at helping out the parents with any needs that arose.” – Bobbi (me 😊)
    • “We have used Seton for the past 8 years because I love having everything, including lesson plans, sent straight to me. Another thing I love is that Seton has academic counselors available by phone or email all the time. So, any question, big or small, there is always someone to help you out!” – Nicole, CA
    • “Personally, I wasn’t homeschooled and I’m not familiar with books or anything. I didn’t want to have to figure things out. I wanted to follow a curriculum that was already made and done and that’s good. That’s why we chose Seton. It’s exactly what we needed. I’m planning to add (or take out) things as needed when we become more experienced with homeschooling, but for a starting place I love that it’s very complete, it’s serious, it’s well known, and it’s especially a good Catholic foundation.” – Julieta.


    Kolbe Academy Home School

    “Kolbe Academy, like our namesake, is rooted in tradition and relevant to the world today. We seek to harness the power of technology to offer a truly Catholic, classical, and flexible education. With salvation as the ultimate goal, Kolbe’s educational programs allow parents to tailor the formation of their children in the Catholic tradition, with a classical approach. In particular, Kolbe is the leader in online Catholic, classical education.

    In our online program, students learn in a virtual classroom among peers with a live instructor who facilitates discussion, lectures, and grades the coursework. Our goal is achieved only through the partnering of parents and a faculty and staff that is dedicated to teaching and modeling for students the good, the true, and the beautiful.”


    Our Lady of the Rosary

    火箭加速器下载|火箭加速器下载 - pk游戏网:2021-6-14 · 火箭加速器是一款专门为网络游戏打造的网络加速工具。火箭加速器电脑版旨在为用户提供高效稳定的加速服务,智能选择加速专线,能够有效防止数据丢包、网络延迟等问题,内置强大的安全防护系统,保护用户的真实IP地址,采用按小时计费的方式,性价比更高,加速效果更明显!

    Our mission is to help parents teach their children the Catholic Faith in its entirety using sound Catholic educational materials, covering all subjects. We have been helping parents educate their children since 1983, providing them with the materials they need to give their children a sound, well-rounded, exceptional Catholic education. This Catholic education helps prepare children for further academic growth and development in the safe, wholesome environment of their own home.”


    Other Catholic Homeschooling Programs

    Catholic Heritage Curricula (This was the favorite of the homeschoolers I questioned.)

    “Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC) was founded in 1993 with one simple goal: to aid and support Catholic families in educating their children for eternity. Years ago, the two families from which CHC sprang lived in isolated, rural communities in Oregon and California. Without access to parochial schools, but desiring a Catholic education for their children, they turned to homeschooling. Like you, they sought materials that would provide sound academics while also tenderly nurturing in little souls a love for their Heavenly Father.

    Gathering from the wisdom and experience of homeschoolers living in all parts of the world, CHC developed a gentle, flexible approach to academics that avoids ‘burnout,’ and instead lays a joyful foundation, resulting in children who achieve at and above grade level. CHC’s lesson plans and materials are constructed to allow maximum choice and flexibility to fit your student, while at the same time providing a complete education. CHC’s educational program is absolutely faithful to the Magisterium, low in cost, solidly academic, but easily taught at home. There are no tuition or enrollment fees, simply the cost of the materials.”


    • “We use Catholic Heritage Curricula. It is more affordable, and we love it! They have lessons done for you, which is time saving.” – Krystle
    • “We have been very happy with Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC) from kinder-3rd grade so far. We use the complete program and feel it is a good, gentle but effective, program (for our family).” – Allison
    • “I love CHC! We don’t use it exclusively, but it is very sweet and neither too hard nor too easy.” – Micaela


    Mater Amabilis

    “Mater Amabilis is a structured, Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics. The authors are British mother of three, Dr. Kathryn Faulkner and American mother of ten, Michele Quigley. The seeds of Mater Amabilis were sown in October 2003 when Michele Quigley visited England to carry out research in the Charlotte Mason archive at Ambleside and to spend time with Dr. Kathryn Faulkner and her family. In discussing the ideas of Charlotte Mason they discovered that each had followed a similar course in their home education. After becoming interested in Charlotte Mason, they each had each begun to introduce a number of her ideas into their homeschooling. As they read more of her own writings they came to understand that the style of education offered by Charlotte Mason (and her educational organization, the PNEU) was both highly structured and highly efficient. Thus they found themselves adopting what they believed was a more complete application of her principles and method. With a desire to share what they had learned and encourage other Catholic home educating parents in this method of education, Mater Amabilis was born and went online in June 2004 as a FREE Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics.”


    Schola Rosa Online

    “Our mission is docere ut salventur ~ “education for salvation.” We seek to aid each student and family to come closer to Christ so as to be saved by His grace. In order to achieve this we provide: an orthodox, Christo-centric, classical curriculum that teaches truth and grows the sacramental Christian identity of the child and family; a means for communities to practice Christian solidarity and foster local Catholic culture in co-ops; a joyful, community of scholars to aid in teaching middle school and highschool students in the online academy; a useful, affordable, high quality catalogue of educational products and services.”



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    From Pre-1st to Grade 12 the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy classical home school curriculum is designed as one graceful whole, with a unit study flavor, that easily adapts to many grade levels learning at the same kitchen table. We encourage a relaxed teaching style, tuned to the natural developmental phases of the child’s intellect. We help you teach your child to learn, resulting in a competent, confident child with a life-long enthusiasm for learning, ready for college, work, or family life – whatever his or her calling may be.”


    Angelicum Academy

    The Angelicum Academy is a Catholic homeschool and liberal education program based on the liberal arts and the classical great books of Western civilization (as well as online Socratic discussions).”


    Catholic Schoolhouse

    “Catholic Schoolhouse publishes a three-year cycle of memory work for your family. Catholic Schoolhouse goes beyond memory work–it is a comprehensive scope and sequence; a foundation to build a true one-room schoolhouse for your family. But we are so much more than our books…we are a family! Joining or forming a Catholic Schoolhouse chapter brings you right into the middle of a loving, prayerful community of families, both locally and nationwide.

    Using Catholic Schoolhouse as a comprehensive scope and sequence you can build a program of study for your family. Everyone studies the same topics, just at different levels. Catholic Schoolhouse materials are now available for all, whether part of a chapter or to use with just your family at home! **During the COVID-19 crisis, our Catholic Schoolhouse App is free until August 31.” (The material can be used with a Catholic co-op.)


    Sources for Curriculum, Books, Online Classes and Individual Subjects

    Homeschool Connections Online (Catholic // Middle and High School Online Lessons)

    Classical Academic Press (Christian Curriculum)

    Memoria Press (Christian curriculum)

    The Good and Beautiful (Christian curriculum)

    Rainbow Resource (Many recommended this one-stop-shop for homeschooling material.)

    All About Reading/ Spelling Programs

    Institute for Excellence in  Writing

    Read Aloud Revival

    Easy Grammar

    Math Mammoth

    Math U See

    Math Aids  (Great for making math charts or drill sheets.)

    Teaching Textbooks (Math)

    Story of Civilization Books (History)


    Recommended Reading

    Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education by Laura Berquist – Highly recommended by many homeschoolers, especially for those looking to build their own curriculum.

    火箭加速器 安卓 官网

    Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie – This was recommended by numerous homeschoolers.

    Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners by Lori McWilliam Pickert – “This is in the ‘unschooling’ camp but a good read anyway. It could be a nice way to supplement your current curriculum, to do during ‘summer school,’ and to encourage children to explore an interest.” – Gina, VA


    Tips from Catholic Homeschooling Parents

    “My best advice is that if you have the desire to homeschool, you are completely capable and qualified. Also, homeschooling does not take up a full school day. Kindergartners require about an hour of instruction a day. About 2-3 hours a day for children up to 3/4 grade. Middle schoolers and high schoolers can usually be done their work in 4 hours or so!

    Also, find or start a co-op! It’s a place for children to meet, usually once a week for a few hours, to partake in parent led extracurricular. Think Art, Lego Club, book clubs, science experiments etc. Our co-op always starts with Mass. It’s a wonderful way for kids AND mamas to catch up with each other!” – Nicole, CA

    * * * * *

    “When I was deciding on a homeschooling program, I talked to many people. I found that depending who you are talking with, they are going to tell you according to what they like and their experience. That might help a little, but at the end of the day choosing your homeschool curriculum is SO PERSONAL. You must find what you like and what works for your own family.” – Julieta, TX

    * * * * *

    “Trust yourself. Don’t over plan (you will). PRAY even if you do nothing else. You’re shaping minds and souls; the subject matter is just some of the tools by which we achieve that end.” – Bethany, WA

    * * * * *

    “The most important little nugget of info I can give is to do what works best for you and your kids and not to worry if it doesn’t look like everybody else’s. It’s great to get ideas from others, but you don’t have to look like their homeschool. I have two kids with severe learning disabilities, and it is so hard to not compare them to others, but it’s not even a true comparison. On the rough days, I realize those are the days when I lose sight of that. It can be so overwhelming. We pulled our two oldest out of school, so I can relate to the mindfulness of it all. It’s a challenge to grasp how it can be done so differently than a brick and mortar school. It’s freeing and terrifying at the same time. Prayers for all the new homeschooling families coming this fall. It truly has been the biggest blessing to our family over the years.” Julie, TX

    * * * * *

    “When we decided to homeschool, it was an overwhelming decision and I was so afraid. I’ve realized, working at a school that I absolutely loved for 12 years, that schooling is a vocation. There is no “one size fits all.” It’s really what works best for your family that is important.” – Amy, CA

    * * * * *

    Other Helpful Links

    A Beginner’s Guide to Catholic Home Education

    Catholic All Year Blog – Homeschooling Posts

    Cathy Duffy Homeschool Reviews

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    If you are a homeschooler and have a helpful resource or tip for a newcomer, please share them in the comments. Thank you!

    PS – You can follow me on Bloglovin, 火箭加速器 安卓 官网 or another news feed. If you are a social media fan like me, we can stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GoodReads, Letterboxd, or Spotify, 😉


    What Is A Holy Hour? How Is It Different from Adoration or Benediction?

    A Holy Hour is the Catholic devotion of being in the presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist for one hour. This can be as simple as going to the local church or chapel to pray before the tabernacle that holds the Eucharist.


    Some parishes have what is called the Rite of Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction. In this ceremony, the Eucharist is placed in a special vessel called a monstrance that holds a consecrated Host. It’s often gold and has what looks like rays or sunbeams surrounding the host. It is placed where people can adore Jesus.

    There are special prayers and songs when Jesus is placed in the monstrance. There are more at the end when the priest blesses the people with the monstrance containing the Eucharist. That is called the Benediction.

    In churches where there is superⅴpn下载apk, the monstrance is always displayed and there is always at least one person sitting with Jesus in the chapel. Some churches will have Eucharistic Exposition only during certain hours of the day or 24 hours only on First Fridays.

    When the Eucharist is removed from the monstrance, it is placed back in the tabernacle.

    When a person goes to pray before Jesus in the Eucharist, whether Jesus is in the monstrance or inside the tabernacle, you can say you are in Adoration. When you pray before Jesus for an hour, it is called a Holy Hour.

    What Do You Do During a Holy Hour?

    There is not a set plan. Everyone has their own preference. Some people follow books that guide you through the Hour and others just do whatever feels natural at the time.

    火箭网络优化器下载_火箭网络优化器v3.0.0.5极速版下载-侠丐网:2021-3-19 · 1 极光网络优化器pc版 v1.0永久免费版 2 360网络优化最新版 2.0 官方版 3 迅游最新版 官方版 4 27网络优化器电脑版 2.93破解版 5 玲珑网络优化器电脑版 v5.0 6 网页游戏优化器 官方版 7 单机游戏网络优化器 官方版 8 泡泡网络优化器官方版 9 量子网络优化器 官方版

    To make things easier, I started to divide my Holy Hour into smaller chunks.

    • Talk to God – I spend the first 10-15 minutes just talking to Our Lord. I poured out everything that is on my heart. I’ll pray about the things troubling me and for my family and friends. I’ll thank Him for my blessings. I’ll ask for forgiveness for my sins and praise Him for his mercy and love. It helps when I close my eyes and in my mind’s eye I see and interact with Jesus.
    • 火箭加速器永久免费版 – Secondly, I either pray the rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplet, read Scripture, or meditate on the Blessed Is She daily devotion. I use anything that helps me to think about or mediate on Our Lord and what He is doing in my life.
    • 火箭加速器app安卓版下载 – At the half way mark, I write in my prayer journal. I always think better as I’m writing, so as I ponder what I had read or was praying about, and I write down my thoughts and sort through them. It usually helps me to realize what the Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart.
    • Closing prayer and Litany – The last 10 – 15 minutes, I again speak to God from my heart telling Him how much I love Him and thanking Him for this time together. I close my Holy Hour with a recitation of the Litany to the Sacred Heart.

    Everyone has their own method, but this is what works for me. And I have to admit that now that I make this a weekly practice, it has gotten easier and I don’t always need to “fill” my time to keep me focused. I am able to quiet my racing mind and just talk (and listen) to Our Lord. That is really the goal of making a Holy Hour – spending time with Jesus. There are days when I can’t wait to sit with Jesus. Admittedly, there are also days when it was a fight just to stay awake. Regardless, the main thing is that I’m showing up. Sometimes it’s when I’m struggling that I receive the most graces from the Holy Hour.

    What If I can’t do a whole hour?

    Before I started a full hour on a set day, I would do 15 minute chunks of time. Then I started Holy Half Hours, working my way up to an hour. In the past I’ve done two half hour sessions or 20 minutes three days in a row. If you are in a season of life where you simply cannot get to the Chapel for a whole hour, do what you can. Challenge yourself, but also be realistic. God knows your heart. He knows when you’re giving as much as you can and when you’re capable of doing more. Sincerely ask Him and He will show you what He wants.

    What If I Can’t Leave the House?

    There will always be times when you are sick or unable to leave the house with your little ones. On those days, I use the live feed of Perpetual Adoration from Catholify or from EWTN. I set up my iPad, light a candle, and them spend my quiet time with Our Lord.

    What Do You Bring to Your Holy Hour?


    I have a prayer tote that I carry all my prayer items, whether I am doing a Holy Hour in the chapel or spending time in morning prayer in my living room.

    First, let me say that I’m one of those people who carries around way too much in her purse or overpacks her suitcase, so that’s why my prayer bag is full! 😉

    Inside the tote (from a past 火箭加速器永久免费版) I keep my essentials (and extras) – Bible, prayer journal, petition book (where I write down the petitions I told people I would bring to the Lord,) prayer books, spiritual reading, rosary, prayer card pouch, and pencil pouch with pens and highlighters. I like having everything in one tote so it’s easy to grab whenever I want to spend time in prayer. Granted, when I make a Holy Hour, I’ll actually only use a 2-3 items, but I like having them available depending on how the Spirit moves me.

    Tips to bringing kids to Adoration

    火箭加速器 安卓 官网

    This picture sums up what Adoration time should ultimately be, as St John Vianney once explained it, “I look at Him and He looks at me.”

    免费翻国外墙的app -I strongly believe that young children should be exposed to religious practices, including going to Adoration. It should be a normal part of everyday life. However, where I may differ from other parents is that I don’t believe that it must be all or nothing. I’m a firm believer in baby steps.

    I know some families who bring all their young kids to full Holy Hours. That is awesome and I applaud them. However, I never felt called to do that. Instead I started small. When my oldest was a toddler, I would often take her to the chapel to make a 5 minute visit to Jesus. I would have her kneel down at the front of the church and encourage her to say a little prayer to Jesus. Eventually, she got used to entering the church (relatively) quietly, blessing herself, and she would say her own sweet words to Jesus without my prompting.

    As more kids came along and they were in preschool, which was across the street from a Catholic Church, we would go every day after school to make a short visit (5 – 15 minutes tops.) They got used to it being normal to go visit Jesus in the church.

    It can feel frustrating to have noisy children in church or kids who complain that it’s boring, but one day they will be able to pray on their own and you may find they are asking you to take them to Adoration.

    As they got older, we added on the time we would spend in Adoration. It can be hard when you have many kids at various ages. Your solution is really going to depend on your family situation and what you feel God is asking of you. Here are a few tips that I’ve used or moms I know have used.

    • Start with short visits to the chapel. Show them how to bless themselves and genuflect (on both knees if Jesus is exposed in the monstrance). Explain to them how this is a holy place and we should be quiet. Tell them that Jesus can’t wait to see them and that when He speaks to them it is done silently in their heart so they need to quietly listen to Him.
    • Bring a tote bag of prayer items. (See below.)
    • Assign an older sibling to a younger sibling. The older one can quietly read a bible story to the younger one or look at a picture book of saints.
    • Swap babysitting with another mom. Make short visits with your toddlers and preschoolers, but for longer visits with your older kids, have a mom friend babysit the little ones while you take your (and her) older ones to Adoration. The next time, swap.
    • Go as a family. Designate a shorter time for the littles then one parent takes them back to the car to wait. The other parent, completes the hour (or 1/2 hour) with the older kids.
    • I’m not above bribing my kids to stretch and do harder things. (ie. “We are going to Mass and Adoration today but afterwards, we’ll get ice cream if I hear no complaints.”) Some parents may disapprove but I want this to be a positive experience that both draws them closer to God and strengthens our bond as a family.


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    Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the wisdom to know what is right for your family and the strength to do it. If you feel God is asking you to commit to a full hour with your little ones, then humbly resign yourself to spending a good portion trying to keep them relatively quit and contained.  You may feel like you got nothing out of it, but trying not to lose your temper or sanity, is a prayer in itself. God will shower graces upon you for your sacrifices.

    More importantly, you are building a foundation of love for the Eucharist in your children. When it feels especially rough, just remind yourself that your little noise maker will one day be able to sit and pray quietly as their love for our Eucharistic Lord deepens.

    Lastly, I just want to add that as important as it is to bring your little ones to Adoration, you as a mom also need alone time with Our Lord. Ask you husband, a family member, hire a babysitter or babysit-swap with a fellow mom to watch the kids so you can go pray alone, even if it can’t be for an hour. Momming is hard work and you need to be able to spiritually recharge!

    2. Bring a Tote Bag of Prayer Items – Just as I have my tote of spiritual material, so do my kids. From the youngest to the teen, they take their prayer book, rosary, Bible or saint book, journal and pens or pencils. I have them kneel and pray to Jesus in their heart first.  Afterwards, they can read their book, Bible or journal. As they get older, they pray the rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet or their own special devotional prayers.

    Photo credit:

    Last year we each purchased the Kids Adoration Journal and Tote Bundle from Someday Technically this is for kids ages 7-12, which is great for my boys, but the rest of us over that age loved it too, so we all got one and have been using it. (Reference the previous photo.) 🙂

    3. What books to you recommend for kids?


    腾讯网游加速器app下载_腾讯加速器手机安卓版免费下载_游戏吧:2021-11-13 · 腾讯网游加速器是一款专为手游量身定制的加速器。用户通过使用加速器可以有效解决游戏过程中的延迟、卡顿问题,提升网络稳定性,优化手机内存空间,释放空间。


    Matthew loves looking up passages in a regular Bible so I bought him Lara Casey’s 小火箭加速器官网免费下载,小火箭加速器官方最新版下载 ...:2021-6-2 · 小火箭加速器是由126下载在2021-06-02 08:06:19上传的,软件大小为96.33 KB。我们126下载只是提供文件下载,版权属于原作者所有,如有侵权请联系我网站. (I use the 火箭加速器app安卓版下载 and love it.)

    Although, it is written for Christians and isn’t specifically Catholic, he looks up the Scripture in our Catholic Bible, writes it out, and either journals or draws a picture. Other times he likes to look up his favorite verses in the Bible and he copies them into his own Scripture notebook.


    For one of my sons, who was reluctant to go to Adoration, I bought him the Minecraft Bible. It kept his interest and he was still learning about God’s word. Catholic graphic novels about the saints have also been a big hit with my kids. (I did an post about them here.)

    Now that some time has passed, my reluctant son is used to going to Adoration and he doesn’t bring these with him anymore. He uses a more traditional bible or he’ll pray part of the rosary or he’ll read a saint books or use his Adoration journal. I consider that progress!

    If you need some inspiration, here is an Amazon list of books my boys enjoy – ssr小火箭 - 手机软件下载 手机游戏下载 好玩的手机游戏 咖 ...:2021-6-2 · 咖绿茵手游站提供ssr小火箭下载 你还在为浏览不了国外的网站而烦恼吗?是不是看着别人在玩国际版游戏超级羡慕?是不是想玩游戏超级流畅,那就快来下载《ssr小火箭》吧,它是一款非常好用的游戏加速器,你可以在这里玩你想玩的国际版游戏,不仅如此,它还可以将你玩的游戏加速,让你不在 ....  You don’t need to bring mounds of books, just one or two is fine.


    If you have younger kids, check out the Adoration Pack for Families from Catholic Sprouts. I love the board book and coloring book, but my kids have passed that stage. I did however, order their parent guide book and a set of holy cards. 🙂

    (Update: The bundle is not longer available, but you can order the items individually. I received A Parent’s Guide to Adoration after writing this post and read it. I still found it very helpful! I especially loved Nancy’s tip on teaching her kids how to do private silent prayer at home.)

    4. What if I can’t afford special journals and tote bags?

    You don’t need to buy an special Adoration items. You can go to the craft store and get a plain inexpensive tote. Or check the dollar section at Target or your local Dollar Store for totes and lined journals. When Bella was a toddler/preschooler I bought her a blank unlined journal and let her draw pictures of Jesus, Mary, or God’s creation. She felt like she was “journaling” too.

    You can print out favorite prayers online and cut them out and tape them inside their inexpensive journals to make their own prayer books. Matthew did this when he saw Brian make one. He taped one of this favorite prayer cards to to the cover. Or you can staple the prayers together and let them make their own book. Use your imagination and they can create something special without spending a lot of money.

    I hope that answered some of your questions and inspired you to try something new or keep up with what you’re doing. If you have other questions or tips that have worked for you or your family, please share them!

    PS – You can follow me on Bloglovin, Feedly or another news feed. If you are a social media fan like me, we can stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GoodReads, Letterboxd, or Spotify, 😉


    I love End of the Year recap posts but the photo year in review is my favorite! Years ago, Dwija over at House Unseen hosted the link-up, but she has kindly passed the baton to me. So let’s get to it!

    (Note: I cheated on several of these by making the “one” photo into one collage instead. Feel free to do the same if needed.)

    January was overrun by the death of my mom and her funeral. It was heartbreaking, but the bond of our family and the beauty of her funeral eased the pain a little.

    * * * * *

    February had us visiting my sister Bridgette and experiencing snow for the first time!

    * * * * *

    March was dominated by Lent and Matthew making his First Reconciliation. He was so pleased to finally be able to join the family for monthly Confession.

    * * * * *


    April was a celebration of the Easter and the publication of Blessed Is She’s Rise Up, a devotional book for kids. I was honored to write the chapter on obedience. 🙂

    * * * * *

    May is always one of our busiest months! We celebrated Matthew’s First Communion, the school May Crowning (where Matthew was chosen to carry Mary’s crown), Andrew performed his first school violin solo, and Bella and I went to see the Fiddler on the Roof musical, a favorite of my mom.

    * * * * *


    In June, my sister Jacinta and two of my brothers came to visit and we filled the days with family fun.

    * * * * *

    I’ve always wanted to have a big 4th of July family party and this year it finally happened. Most of my family met up at my sister Bridgette’s house and it was filled with family, siblings, and numerous cousins. I loved it!

    * * * * *

    August was the beginning of the new school year. We now have kids in 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade and a senior in high school. It was a milestone birthday month for me and my biggest gifts were my hubby and kiddos. <3

    * * * * *

    In September, I attended the Blessed Is She team retreat in Arizona and it was one of the highlights of my year. I still pinch myself when I consider how blessed I am to be a part of this sisterhood and ministry!

    * * * * *

    In October, we celebrated Bella turning 18 with a girls road trip to a Halloween party at Disneyland. We even dressed up! I was one of my fave characters – Edna Mode. 🙂


    In November my dad and sister Jacinta visited us and we made lots of family memories. While enjoying an ice cream treat, we recreated a memory of the past.


    The highlight of December, was definitely Brian and I celebrating 20 years of marriage! These past 20 years have been filled with joy and some pain, particularly this year, but we have been greatly blessed and pray for many more happy years together.

    Thanks for sharing some memories with me. I look forward to seeing your own memories so link up below! If you aren’t a blogger feel free to share your favorite memory of 2019 in the comments, on Facebook, or on Instagram using #2019in12photos.

    Have a very blessed 2020!!!

    PS – You can follow RoL on Bloglovin, Feedly or another news feed. If you are a social media fan like me, we can stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 免费翻国外墙的app, GoodReads, superⅴpn 下载, or Spotify, 😉

    Are you ready to link up?? Here are the rules.

    1. Create a post with a photo to represent each month of the year. (As you can tell from my post, cheating is allowed.)

    2. Add a link back here so others can play along.

    3. If you want to use the graphic, right click and save the image to your computer or copy the html into your blog’s html/text page.

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    The link up will be active until January 31, 2020. Have fun! 🙂

    You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

    Click here to enter


    Many of you have asked for the links of items we use during Advent, so I made today’s Friday Favorites an Advent Edition so the links would be in one convenient spot.  🙂

    ~ 1 ~

    The Advent Calendar

    Revolution of Love Blog - advent_calendar_pic_1Along with our Advent wreath, our Advent calendar has been a staple since the kids were little. Each day we have a rotating “prayer person of the day” who is in charge of leading the family evening prayer. During Advent, that person also gets to open the next box in our Advent calendar. We started this tradition years ago as a way to combat the seasonal “gimmies” to help bring the focus back on Christ and sharing his love with others. We started the tradition of making our Advent Calendar into an Act of Love Calendar. We explained that we can show our love for Jesus by sharing that love with others and what we do for others, we do for Our Lord.

    superⅴpn 下载To keep things simple, I searched online for a children’s printable Advent calendar. I found this one from Loyola Press. I simply cut up the calendar and put the little paper squares into the corresponding day. Each day we had one act of kindness that everyone in the family would do. If one of the day’s activities was not suitable for our family or if there were other acts or activities I wanted our family to work on, I just wrote my own words on a slip of paper and added it in a box. On Sundays our act of love is spending time together so we do something fun as a family, such as, decorate our Christmas tree or bake cookies or watch a Christmas movie together (without fighting about who gets to choose the movie.)
    At dinner time, we each take a turn sharing something about our day. During Advent I’ll sometimes ask if anyone wants to share about their act of love and they explain how they held their tongue or helped someone out at school. The sharing helps us to see how we can apply our faith into the daily fabric of our lives.

    ~ 2 ~

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    This is another oldie but goodie. We’ve done this activity for a number of years and now it’s a family tradition for each of us. Instead of having the boys write the traditional letters to Santa, I put together a simple form letter that I could print off and give them to fill out. We decide on a spiritual activity we’ll work on during Advent as a gift to Jesus, who we will pray for during Advent and what presents we hope to get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. When they were done, they folded up their letters and put them in their shoes for St. Nicholas to deliver to Baby Jesus. (In years past we’ve also placed them inside the stocking we have hanging for Jesus.)

    If you’d like to print of a copy of the Letter to Baby Jesus for your little ones, I posted the PDF 火箭加速器永久免费版. Also, I made a second version for those who don’t want the Santa aspect. It can be found here. 🙂 For the full post, click here – A Favorite Advent Tradition: A Christmas Letter to Baby Jesus (Instead of Santa)


    An Advent Letter to Jesus for the Teens and Adults


    This year, I used the same concept as the kid’s letter, but made a simple version for a teen or adult to use. You still choose some spiritual (or corporal) act/gift you’ll give to Jesus, someone you will pray for during Advent, and instead of asking for a wrapped gift, you can write down what you are hoping to receive from Jesus this Christmas season. (ie. Peace in your heart, the ability to forgive someone who has hurt you, healing (physical or mental), etc.) You can download a PDF of the letter from my Google Drive here.

    ~ 3 ~



    For years we used a paper version of Baby Jesus in a manger, but we saved up and found one we liked in the EWTN shop. We wait until Christmas morning to put out Baby Jesus. Meanwhile, during Advent we have a little basket of straw that the kids can use to fill up Baby Jesus’s crib. They put a piece in the manger whenever they make a sacrifice or do an act of love for Our Lord.

    Then on Christmas morning we put Jesus in the manger and sing Him Happy Birthday and celebrate with presents and cake.


    ~ 4 ~

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    My favorite Advent family devotional/ prayer book is the new Magnifikid Daily Advent Prayers from Magnificat. For each day of Advent there is an introductory prayer,  an excerpt from the day’s Gospel reading, and intercessions. It is ideally for ages 7 and up, which makes it simple enough for our youngest to understand, yet it is meaty enough for the tween, teen and adults to get something out of it. The artwork is lovely and as an added bonus, it can be used year after year since it has different Sunday readings for the various cycles. I love it!

    ~ 5 ~

    The Advent of Christmas

    Last year we added The Advent of Christmas by Matt Maher to our Christmas book collection. Although my boys are a little older than the age range, the artwork is lovely and the message is beautiful. It was perfect to read during library class at school to teach the students who may not be as familiar with the meaning of Advent and the Advent wreath. It has quickly become a favorite.

    ~ 5 ~

    Sunday Missals

    I love the 火箭加速器电脑版下载_火箭加速器PC版 v1.0.0.8 官方版 ...:2021-5-9 · 火箭加速器电脑版是一款非常廉价的网游加速器工具,虽然廉价,但是为用户提供了一个安全、高速、稳定的网络环境,智能选取最佳网络节点,保障玩家在游戏时迎接低延迟、0丢包、不掉线等相关福利,内置专项安全保护系统,全天候为你保护个人IP,防止电脑收到他人入侵。 and posted about it often on Instagram. Someone asked if there is a kid’s version. As far as I know there is not.

    One of my boys likes to use the Magnificat’s Magnifikid.


    My other boys, along with Brian, like to use St. Joseph’s 2020 Sunday Missal. You cannot beat the price – only $1.99!

    ~ 6 ~

    Brian and the boys use the above missals and they use Blessed Is She’s Selah Kids Journal as their Sunday prayer journal.

    ~ 7 ~

    Feast of St. Nicholas

    St. Nicholas was born in the 3rd Century to a wealthy and devout family. His parents died when he was young & Nicholas used his inheritance to help those less fortunate. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra (modern day Turkey) at a young age. Under the Roman Emperor, he was persecuted for his faith and was imprisoned. He was later released and became known for his generosity and works of wonder, particularly protecting children and the innocent.

    More Catholic American families are adopting this feast day that is popular in European countries. Normally children will put out their shoes or hang stockings the night before. As mentioned above, our family also adds into the shoes the letter to Baby Jesus so St. Nicholas can bring it to Him.

    While the kids are sleeping I’ll add a few small treats into the shoes – chocolate coins, candy, a small treat (like a mini Lego set or football cards) and a religious item such as a holy card, rosary or Tiny Saints charm.

    You can find a lot of activities and printables at St Nicholas

    Photo credit:

    This year we got an extra special treat – Kids Adoration Journal and Tote Bundle from Someday Technically this is for kids ages 7-12, which is great for my boys, but the rest of us over that age loved it too, so we all got one! Later in the day we have watched the DVD Nicholas: The Boy who Became Santa with their feast day dessert.

    For more Advent ideas, check out this past post – Favorite Advent Traditions 2017.

    Those are some of my favorites Advent family activities! What are some of yours?

    Have a great weekend!

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